How many times did I come back home from school and look myself in the mirror without liking me at all and only looking at my flaws? How many times did I listen to all the insults of my classmates, only because I wasn’t pretty enough for them? How many times did I compared myself to the others girls only because they corresponded to the beauty standards imposed by the society? Well yes, I have experienced this type of things too, even though you can now see me so self confident. My years at school have not been easy at all, I felt alone since there wasn’t anyone ready to told me “you are beautiful the way you are”. Most of my peers called me anorexic and the most common sentences when they looked at me were “oh my God, do you eat?”, “I’ve seen more meat on a chicken than you”, when it was only a matter of constitution of my body and metabolism.

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One day though, a long personal journey started, and it slowly changed my way of seeing me in the mirror. I have started to no longer compare myself to the others, to create my own style, from my make-up to my outfits, that made me feel good with myself first of all. I have started to ignore the opinions of other people because when they see you insicure they tell you you are ugly and when they see you self-confident they tell you you are a sl*t. So that’s how I realized that I will never be perfect for the society. I might as well do whatever I want, I like and makes me feel good! I have realized that I wasn’t living my life, but that I was letting the others to live it for me with their stupid insults. When I looked myself in the mirror my thoughts began to be more and more positive, such as “look at my beautiful curly hair”, “I have such a nice face”, “nice legs!” and so on. A long journey for real, but which led me to love every centimeter of my body today.

So today’s lesson wants you to learn that you have to love yourself and to not think that your ass is too flat, too down or too fat, on your boobs too small or too big, or that there is something wrong with a part of your body: you are beautiful! If you like coffee with two sugars in it, keep taking it. Wear what you like, wear make-up or don’t do it, show off fiercely your bikini on the beach and love the color of your skin. No one is you and that’s you super power. Don’t listen to the voices of those who have always tore you down, but LOVE YOURSELF. All women have cellulite, me too!

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Photos Taken By Michele