I’ve got a bachelor’s degree in Languages and I’m still studying

Well, yes, I also find a way to study in addition to thinking about miniskirts and stilettos! I graduated in Languages with a a final result of 105/110 in February 2019, choosing English and French as languages of specialization. Not having enough and wanting to improve my skills, I decided to study for a master’s degree, opting for the course of Specialized Translation. This experience has only just begun since I still see my degree a little too far away, but you will hear from me as soon as it is all over!

I’m 100% natural and I haven’t plastic surgery

I never got my hair dyed, my nails are now quite long not to be fake anymore, and above all I haven’t plastic surgery on any part of my body. I happen to receive some directs on Instagram where people admire me for my body and where they even ask me if I ever got a boob or butt job because they seem unreal (lol!), but actually every part of me is natural, my boobs and butt are in my birthday suit and no surgeon ever put his scalpel on them. I love my body the way it is and I will never rebuilt it!

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I’m not minimalist when it comes to clothes

I seriously buy a lot of them: skirts, shoes, crop tops and the list goes on. As soon as the new arrivals are dropped in my favorite fashion e-commerce platforms and physical stores, I rush to fill my shopping cart. Sales are my blind spots! During the sales period I’m quite capable of doing something crazy because I tend to hunt down everything that I hadn’t buy in the previous months in order to save some money. I’ve got three wardrobes in my rooms (four if we consider the one at my parents’ house), all full to the brim… but I just can’t help myself!

My photographer is my boyfriend

A lot of people ask me how I take my photos, wondering who’s behind the camera and maybe thinking that I use self-timer or something like that. The truth is that there is my boyfriend behind all this. He’s not a professional photographer but he does this for passion and as a hobby. This is how it all started: I had in mind a picture, he got the camera, I struck a pose, he did a bit of color correction using Lightroom and the photo went online on Instagram. We have been together for seven years and I couldn’t want a better photographer!

Summer is my favorite season

Sea, beaches, sun and relax, what’s better than that? Oh yes, all of this complemented by a Cosmopolitan and a couple of handsome boys who hold the palm leaves to make a shadow on me or getting a massage from them with some aphrodisiac oil: now that’s more like it! And then I can comfortably go out wearing skirts and crop tops without suffering the waves of wind of -100 degrees which make me cold even in my brain! I love summer for a lot of reasons, and being able to enjoy it in a seaside location is definitely big points for me.

Photos Taken By Michele