I think by now you have captured my obsession over co-ords: since a couple of years, I have collected a lot of them in my closet. I simply love them thanks to their versatility, for the fact that I don’t have to rack my brains over the various combinations to make and obviously for being so stylish.

But there is a particular type of co-ord that I have been personally seen a lot on catwalks, as well as in all the respectable fashion websites. I’m talking about the jacket and skirt sets, or blazer and skirt sets, a model that literally became a huge trend among the Instagram fashion gurus, also wore by the great Emily Ratajkowski.

What you see in these photos was sent to me by Yoins, and I find it perfect for spring days (as soon as we can go out again, of course!), obviously combined with a nice pair of heels with an inevitable animal print. Sorry, I can’t help it, but I don’t bite, I swear!

I think this co-ord gives an elegant and sophisticated touch given by the jacket and a sexy vibe given by the miniskirt. If there is something that cannot be missed in my outfits is my bare legs, ops!

Coord Emily Ratajkowski-1

Coord Emily Ratajkowski-6

Coord Emily Ratajkowski-4

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Coord Emily Ratajkowski-7

Coord Emily Ratajkowski-3

Coord Emily Ratajkowski-9

Coord Emily Ratajkowski-2

Coord Emily Ratajkowski-8

Β In partnership with Yoins

Photos Taken By Michele