Bratislava is a very welcoming city and despite the -5 degrees of December, the month in which I visited it, it is very warm thanks to the atmosphere that I experienced in the city, especially during the Christmas period. So here are 3 places that you can’t help but visit in one day in Bratislava!

Old Town

Definitely the beating heart of the city, the Old Town of Bratislava is a welcoming, small jewel in which it is a pleasure to walk, even in heels. Shops, markets and a lot of fun among the locals are the right mix to have relaxing strolls between the main squares: the Hviezdoslavovo námestie and the Hlavné námestie. The first will be your starting point from which you will explore the city: it is surrounded by premises, trees and a long wooded avenue ringed by beautiful buildings. The second one is the main square of the city, and it is a delight to look up at the town hall tower and continue the walk along the small streets of the center.

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Bratislava Castle

You will enjoy the outstanding view from here over the city, the Danube River and the UFO, the incredible bridge structure which connects the two banks of the city. As a matter of fact, Bratislava Castle is located on a hill inside the city, and getting there on foot passing through the narrow streets is absolutely an amazing experience even if it’s exhausting: don’t do this in heels!

Starý Most

If from the castle you will have a view of the whole city from above, I can recommend the Starý Most for a complete view of the city from below, including the castle. This bridge, on which it is very relaxing to walk, offers you a full view of the whole city that you will never forget, especially if you enjoy it on a bench with the Danube River flowing beneath you.

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