The Christmas holiday has just ended and I bet most of us are not very satisfied with our figure: swollen belly caused by the evening binges of dinners, accompanied by panettone, chocolates and various delicacies, which, let’s face it, are not the best friends for a always at the top butt. So here I am, running for cover with my gym membership or jogging at the park asking myself “what will I wear in my next workout sessions?”.

I come to your rescue dear girls, through an economic and high quality solution. Here are some of the sets I wear during my workout sessions, gifted by the brand Honey Fitting. Body friendly as I like them, they highlight all your shapes, including butt and boobs. Who said that gym is not a place to watch or to be noticed by that well-trained guy? Let’s be honest, there are a lot of hot guys in the gym… my favorites? Those with a C-cup of pecs! But be careful not to squat in front of them while they are lifting weights… they could lose their breath with that bar in their hands and… oops, I’m sorry dear!

Breathless boys aside, the Honey Fitting sets are of excellent quality, they are comfortable and fit perfectly on my body, giving me a feeling of freedom and lightness during movements and helping me with excellent perspiration even when a few drops of sweat start to fall. Happy workout!

Gym Outfit-7

Gym Outfit-6

Gym Outfit-10

Gym Outfit-5

Gym Outfit-11

Gym Outfit-2

Gym Outfit-8

Gym Outfit-4

Gym Outfit-12

Gym Outfit-1

Gym Outfit-9

Gifted items:

Seamless Striped Set

Iconic Sweat Seamless Set

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