Did you know that purple and yellow are opposite each other on the color wheel? I actually found this out when I realized that I had a purple mini dress and a pair of yellow sandals (both from DressLily), two very bright colors that apparently seem to have nothing in common… But then I wondered, what if I wore them together? Well, I did and guess what? This combination looked amazing!

When it comes to fashion everything is possible, and you know how much I love to experience new styles and new trends. That’s why I enjoyed a lot putting this super flashy outfit, a little bit summery perhaps but who cares? I mean, look at it, I think it doesn’t need to be associated with a particular season! Who said that you have to wear only black, or brown, or dull colors in winter? I prefer to differentiate myself from the common people and to show off something original… And I admit it, I like to experience the pleasure of having all eyes on me with this outfit that can be considered too many “ostentatious”! Bright colors? Checked! Stiletto Heels? Checked! Legs without stockings? Checked! Alright, I am ready to be the protagonist of my next date!

Purple Yellow Outfit Idea-5

Purple Yellow Outfit Idea-7

Purple Yellow Outfit Idea-9

Purple Yellow Outfit Idea-4

Purple Yellow Outfit Idea-2

Purple Yellow Outfit Idea-8

Purple Yellow Outfit Idea-1

Purple Yellow Outfit Idea-6

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