Spending a quite evening at home in winter is something I love… watching a movie or tv series on Netflix during winter makes all the difference, especially if I am accompanied by a nice cup of hot chocolate, by a soft blanket and the right lingerie… because the night, and a hopefully long night, will come!

After a day spent going to class, to gym and working as a blogger, evening becomes the only time when I can find some moments to relax. So the first thing I do is getting comfortable in my nightly lingerie: bye heels and skirt, welcome bodysuit and tights. You know, I must be ready if the hot neighbor knocks on my door because maybe he is out of sugar… I would feel very inclined to lend him a little! Alternatively, I could be out of sugar… oops!

Evening Routine-4

Evening Routine-5

Evening Routine-1

Evening Routine-11

Evening Routine-2

Once dressed up in my lingerie, I am ready to watch the Netflix series that I’m lately following (Riverdale, Lucifer and Friends) or some Youtube videos related to beauty or fashion for being up to date and for getting new ideas for my blog! During this I like to do some Instagram scrolling and taking a look at my various social platforms, answering a few comments and reading the notifications I had no time to see during the day.

After the rundown of videos and tv series, I go to bed… with some lucky guy to whom I decided to give an evening of grace, if he deserves it, of course!

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Photos Taken By Michele