Sexy, multi-wearable, eye-catching… All adjectives that make me think of my new jewel, the New Snake my Breil, rose gold of course and which can be worn as a bracelet or as a necklace. I have always loved 2 in 1 items! Besides it is 80 cm long… Yes, size matters!

An authentic gem in every way which recalls a snake and which makes me feel extremely sensual and sinner when I wear it, not by chance this campaign refers to Eve’s sin when she ate the forbidden fruit.. Well, actually, I could sin a lot if I wore nothing but this jewel and I stood in front of a nice guy, oops!

It is an accessory that was missing in my jewelry box. This bracelet/necklace can we wore as you wish: wrapped around your waist for a very bad girl but classy look, or around your neck making it fall on your breast… Ehi, told you it was sexy!

Breil New Snake-5

Breil New Snake-1

Breil New Snake-7

Breil New Snake-3

Breil New Snake-6

Breil New Snake-2

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Photos Taken By Michele