I have been a blogger for almost two years by now, and I am often asked how I organize my day and how I can fit my daily commitments with Instagram and the blog. It’s not always easy, but let’s assume that you need to meticulously plan your day and make the most of those moments when you have nothing to do. But let’s go with order!

First part

Planning for the month ahead

Generally speaking, I plan the articles that are going to be live on my blog from the month before. Thanks to this scheduling, I can manage my commitments better, think about the articles to write, agree with the brands I collaborate with and getting their products, but above all I can be able to organize a photo shooting.

Organizing the photoshoot

You all know my photographer by now, Michele, and like me he has his personal commitments and it’s not always easy to organize together, also because we live in different cities. In general, every month we give ourselves a week of shooting, with even more than one or two outfits to shoot a day, because there is Instagram to think about too, besides the blog.

Blog Routine-1

Blog Routine-6

Blog Routine-2

Blog Routine-4

Second part

Writing the posts and editing the pictures

Once the photos are taken, the most time-consuming part begins: writing the articles and editing the photos. As regards the writing of the posts, the rare free moments of my day become very useful. If it happens that I am en route or I have nothing to do, for instance, then I try to make the most to carry on the work. The matter is different in relation to photo editing: the photos must first be chosen, deciding which ones will be used for Instagram and which for the blog, and then we move on to the editing phase, which instead requires a few hours (for each outfit) to be developed for the final result.

Creating the final result

Once the posts are written and the pictures are edited, everything needs to be merged in the final result, by adding the links to the products and whatever it takes. After receiving the edited pictures, I start planning the days in which the pictures will be posted on Instagram, writing the relevant caption for each photo.

Third part


With the final results ready I must then allow myself some time during the day in which I publish everything. Lately I tend to publish a blog post four days a week, and I schedule the posts as soon as they are completed. As for Instagram, I usually publish the post before going to the gym, and during the the evening I try to answer all the comments below the photos before falling asleep.

Blog Routine-7

Blog Routine-3

Blog Routine-5

Photos Taken By Michele