Eating out less

If we stop to think for a moment, we realize we tend to eat out most of the times when traveling. Well, if we want to save money for having dinner or lunch in a nice restaurant when we will be on vacation, then the best solution is certainly avoiding eating in the diners of our city during week days, and especially on weekends, when the temptation is bigger. So let’s cook something at home and save money!

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Opening a savings account

Of course we need to find a safe place where to keep our saved money. I chose Revolut, whose app allows me to open an account disconnected from the main one where to save my savings. Besides, it helps me manage my expenses by setting a monthly budget as not to exceed for each category (transports, shopping, grocery, entertainment, and so on). It doesn’t get easier than that, right?

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Not buying useless stuff

I know buying what we really need is not easy. Commercials make us believe we need everything by now, when we actually only need the basics. Take a piece of paper and divide it in two: make a list of the things that you want on one side and list of the things you need on another side… Take the list of your wishes and throw it in the bin: you will find yourself with a huge amount of money to invest in your trips!

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Photos Taken By Michele