Buy high-quality products

Buying high-quality products is very important, because it helps reduce the purchase of all those types of clothes which are perhaps cheaper but actually are nothing but throwaway. The purchase of low-quality products in turn presupposes a higher consumption of materials and their implementation, such as plastic. Better an expensive but long-lasting item than an affordable one but ruined after two or three washes. Besides investing in yourself you will invest in the use of materials for their realization. Take a look at those brands which produce eco-friendly products and, for the lovers of vintage, to flea markets.

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Make good choices at the grocery store

Let’s make informed purchases, trying to lessen the consumption of plastics of the small packages, maybe by going to a bulk store. These types of stores are trying to reduce the consumption of single-use products, eliminating the plastic packaging and offering the possibility to buy in bulk by reusing the containers we already have. And do never forget your personal bag before going grocery shopping!

Avoid disposable plastic

Purchase reusable containers and bottles for taking your lunch, your favorite snack or beverage at school or at work, thus avoiding waste of plastic. When you eat at a fast food place avoid asking for straws or for the stopper of your glass and always carry your own cutlery, avoiding to use the disposable one.

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