This of today is a beauty tip post: that of tanning is always a very hot topic, even when it’s not summer. I get pretty angry when my tan starts to go away from September becoming increasingly faded. Over time the only satisfaction becomes the ultra white form of the thong on my booty or of the bra on my boobs that remind me that in the end it could have been worse: a very sexy effect in bed and that I love to see on my skin all winter.

Tan in Winter-1

Tan in Winter-2

Tan in Winter-4

Tan in Winter-5

However, there are many products that allow you to make your skin more tanned even in the cold months, such as the Insta Glow Sunless Tanner that NuSkin has given me the chance to try. After September my tan was no longer as bright as in August so I started using it. Well, beyond the smell, which is certainly not the best, the effect on my skin is something crazy, making my skin tanned again and removing a bit of white winter skin, making you look like you’ve just come back from a vacation in Hawaii!

Perfect product to use on your arms and especially on your legs, the part of body where I mostly prefer to apply it. Imagine wearing a skirt and a pair of sandals and feeling like being on a summer vacation even in December… maybe in Ibiza, with a mojito… with my legs crossed… hey Spanish boys!

Tan in Winter-6

Tan in Winter-7

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Tan in Winter-10

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