Considering what we have seen during the fashion week shows around the world, the time has come to reach a conclusion: green seems to be the color of the moment! Effective, refined, unique and with different shades, green is the color that you either love or hate, sometimes even a little hard to match, but if worn in the right way, it can give luster and uniqueness to our outfits!

Green Outfit-11

Green Outfit-8

Green Outfit-4

Green Outfit-9

Green Outfit-5

Of course I didn’t pass up the chance to procure the umpteenth skirt in my closet, green this time! And if it is true that this color is a lucky charm, well, I hope it brings luck with the boy I’m flirting with, whose probably attention will be on the shapes of the butt that this skirt gives, oops! Booty friendly and green skirt from Dear-Lover, perfect combo for my evening!

Best of luck with green!

It’s true, as I said before the difficult part when it comes to green are the combinations, but my favorite colors to match green are white, beige, maybe some shade of yellow or more simply black as I did, combining a wonderful bustier crop top from Dear-Lover as well, for a totally sexy and scratchy style also thanks to to the heels that I have chosen!

Green Outfit-10

Green Outfit-7

Green Outfit-12

Green Outfit-2

So… how is this flirting going? Welcome to my life and my skin, green!

Gifted items:
Olive Bandage Arched Mini Skirt
Black Lace Strappy Bustier Crop Top 
Photos Taken By Michele