How sexy is the match I propose today? I admit feeling like a Wonder Woman around the city is quite a spectacle, so dear nerds you better deal with it, the princess of the Amazons is out shopping, and there’s no time to sign your autographs!

Shorts and Fishnets-3

Shorts and Fishnets-8

Shorts and Fishnets-6

Sexy and rock, today’s outfit is reserved for bad girls, ready to join the fray in the shops, looking for autumn clothes or in a nightclub, ready to show all their self-confidence to anyone who is watching and judging for what they are not, and ready to invite someone on a date, maybe the first person that teases her deepest fantasies (but perhaps we better introduce ourself first to the person, it is better to make sure he or se does not suffer from heart attacks, girls).

Any shirt, sweatshirt or crop top will be fine to go with this combination, but remember all attention will be focused on the shorts-and-fishnets matching and on your booty, enhanced and slender to the max by a pair of boots like I did, or, alternatively,  by simple sneakers, on more frenetic days.

Shorts and Fishnets-4

Shorts and Fishnets-7

Buy shorts and fishnets!


Shorts and Fishnets-9

Shorts and Fishnets-1

Shorts and Fishnets-5

Photos Taken By Michele