Although apparently mini bags are uncomfortable because of the few things we can put inside of them, they actually seem to be a real trend for the months to come, so let the bags that trigger the envy of those of Mary Poppins step aside to make way for mini bags!

Yes, as women we have always been known as strange creatures whose bags contain the impossible, as if our bags are a kind of miraculous well from which to get any sort of thing out… But do we really need all this? Besides my wallet, I don’t think I need anything more than a lipstick, a tampon, a condom (who knows, you can always talk to an unprepared person) and my phone for a night out or for going shopping.

Mini Bag -2

Mini Bag -5

Mini Bag -4

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Mini Bag -1

Mini Bag -3

A further plus point? They give more freedom of movement and don’t distract from the outfit we are wearing, in fact, they exalt it in a much smarter way, giving us the possibility of not worrying about a huge weight on our shoulders, but of moving in a much sexier way and floating with ease on our stiletto heels! Look at me for example, wearing a mini denim dress with a plunging neckline and red stiletto heels with laces: so many colors all in perfect harmony with each other thanks to my yellow mini bag!

Mini Bag -8

Mini Bag -9

Photos Taken By Michele