It is easy to lock ourself inside the house with the arrival of the cold season, binge-eating junk food, maybe in front of a good movie, under the blanket while the rain falls… Well, this can be very pleasant I admit it, but I would personally end up feeling incredibly guilty at the end of the day.

That’s why I have decided to make a lifestyle change starting from this October. I’m going to take care of my health and body, by not letting myself be influenced by the bad weather or by saying to myself “I am covered up, who’s going to see my shape?”… Well, first of all I’m not “covered up” in winter either, since I go around without stockings, and secondly you have to start now to get to have a nice body in the summer. My booty will thank me! But the reason why I want to do all of this is for my health, for not getting winded after one flight of stairs and for not having my stomach unsettled all day.

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And so it is that I went back to the gym, with the aim of going there four or five days a week. Moreover, I don’t catch public transport to go to class, but I walk on foot trying to do 10.000 steps a day. And of course I pay a lot of attention to my diet: I drink at least two liters of water a day, I snack several times a day so as not to get hungry during meals, I decrease the quantity of my beloved carbohydrates, I consume as much fruit and vegetables as possible, also through delicious smoothies or delicious soups. Take advantage of autumn which brings super healthy and tasty foodstuff, such as pumpkin, grapes, avocado, turnip greens, almonds… I’m crazy about them!

But ehi, don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean you have to renounce a nice glass of white wine or some chocolate! I admit it, I step out of line too sometimes, but the important thing is not to overdo the quantities, as in all things, after all!

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Photos Taken By Michele