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My first time to Paris was in 2014, always with him, my faithful life and travel companion, Michele. Immediately after our high school diploma and after being together for a year, we gave ourselves a trip to the most romantic and beautiful city in the world, in my opinion. So why did I decide to come back this year in March? Well, a great desire to come back and to celebrate my graduation!

Five years have passed since my first time to Paris, but the feeling I felt was always that of the first time walking through the city, between the Rive Gauche and the Rive Droite, in Montmartre and in front of the Eiffel Tower: chills that started from the toe of my heels up to my hair tips.

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It was the first time I returned to a city that I have already visited and I didn’t know what to expect, I was afraid I would be annoyed at seeing things that I had already seen, but I wasn’t at all. Indeed, it was all a surprise, because those faded memories of streets, buildings and monuments have rekindled, becoming even sharper. I started looking at the city with different eyes, and those small details I had not noticed in the first journey,  were the subject of a great astonishment.

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The dresses you see me wearing in these pictures are all from Shein, worn in March and without stockings. It is feasible! In fact, another reason why I wanted to return to Paris so bad was to make up for the catastrophic outfits I wore during the first disasters… A real disaster, bless my soul!
Compared to five years, ago I returned to Paris after visiting other ten countries in the world, only skirts and crop tops in suitcases, a degree and much more confident. I could almost define myself as someone else except that I had the person I had five years ago (my little puppy) next to me.

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