Woke up early in the morning, backpacker and here we were, heading for Ljubjana! The gray weather has accompanied us throughout all the bus trip, and yes, even once we arrived in Ljubjana, with lots of rain.

Where was the problem? In shooting some pictures of course. The rain has been incessant for the first two hours, but the clock was ticking and we knew we had to get a move on. So here’s the brilliant idea of realizing a truthful shooting under the rain, with a tiny umbrella and water on my face! A shooting that does not hide anything, especially me feeling uncomfortable in those moments!

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I have to admit it, it was fun. People looked at me like I was crazy but I think 30 minutes in the rain were worth it, given the final result. My faithful yellow miniskirt behaved very well, as well as my purple heels, which oops, accidentally matched my umbrella. A simple outfit but which does not go unnoticed in any city, unconventional at the right point and a great business card in any occasion!

Ljubljana is very pretty, small and welcoming. You just need to go up and down the river to see the most important spots and to do the walk up to the hill overlooking the city, where the castle stands.

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Fortunately, after the rain had stopped, during the afternoon, a glimmer of sunshine came out which allowed us to visit the city even in the sunlight. The Slovenian capital is so small that you will be able to visit it completely in just three hours.

Personally, I was amazed by Ljubjana and I can only recommend a visit, perhaps reaching other parts of Slovenia, taking a long weekend off to visit all the green areas of the small European country.

Photos Taken By Michele