Having a natural, precise, long-wearing eyebrow make-up has lately become a goal to pursue for me. My brows present several blanks and I do not love tattoos. So, what it the solution? The Great Brow Basics by Benefit! Benefit Cosmetics is a real pro when it comes to eyebrows.

Brows represent an essential part for the shape of our face, they change our look and it is important for me to make them as perfect as possible. This kit helps me to have real cat eyes, all with a natural finish!

Eyebrows with Benefit-2

Eyebrows with Benefit-1

Eyebrows with Benefit-4

Eyebrows with Benefit-5

Eyebrows with Benefit-7

Eyebrows with Benefit-6

Eyebrows with Benefit-8

Eyebrows with Benefit-10

Plus, I can pick which of the products contained in the kit I want to apply according to the result I am looking for: theΒ Gimme Brow+ gel volumizes in a natural, defined and thick way. The Precisely My Brow Pencil is well-suited for filling the small gaps of my eyebrows with soft strokes. Finally, the Goof Proof Brow Pencil accentuate my brows instantly, shaping them quickly and easily.

All right, I’m now ready to get out, wearing my mini dress, my killer heels, my unmissable red lipstick and… my eyebrows executed to perfection!

Eyebrows with Benefit-3

Photos Taken By Michele