Escaping from the tumult of the city, this year I found myself strolling through the cobbled narrow streets in Positano, the small town on the Amalfi Coast! Equipped with bikinis, straw hats, sunscreen and sunglasses and in the company of my faithful photographer, I was ready to experience this little one-day trip to the village. The Amalfi Coast is stunning. I recommend everyone to drive along the stretch of road which skirts the coast, at least once in your life. You will enjoy the amazing view of the cliffs that overlook the blue sea.

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Buuut… “Donatella, what bikinis did you wear?” “And that so-booty-friendly dress?”

I showed off a fucsia bikini (by Salty Mermaid) and a green bikini (by Katch me Uk), both thongs to get a uniform tan and in colors that helped to highlight the bronzed skin. As for the bikini tops, they were slightly different, but both appeared comfortable and well laying on my breast. I had to be careful not to give someone a heart attack!

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I savored a nice Sex On The Beach cocktail in one of the many venues near the beach in my bikini and I moved through the small shops in town in the dress that you can see in pictures. A long dress, for the first time in my life, but very booty-friendly guys! At the beginning I was hesitant on wearing this dress, but I changed my mind once I saw the way it brought out the curves of all my body… so yes to long and close-fitting dresses! Bye bye Positano!

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