This year, summer does not seem to be coming due to its mild temperatures. I always like to wear mini skirts, crop tops covering the essential and a pair of sandals, but I often end up freezing in the middle of the day. And this happens even in May/June, during the months when I should not feel the lack of a coat or of a boy on which to sit to keep me warm!




People often tend to cover themselves to solve this problem, but the risk of a sudden heat wave after the storm can cause excessive sweat, which means bad impression in case of a date or of a job interview.


Of course you know that covering myself is not my style, that’s why I simply carry around a leather jacket every time I go out during this season: it’s an evergreen item of clothing which is hard to go out of style, it’s easy to match in any color, it’s hand friendly since I can carry it between my arms, behind my shoulders or I can put it somehow in my purse. A leather jacket is certainly an object which can make you stylish and can save space at the same time. And then… How can I renounce the bad girl look a leather jacket can give me? Pussy power +10!




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