Visit the biggest building in Europe

And besides being the second biggest building in the world, the Palace of Parliament is the heaviest structure in the world, measuring approximately 350.000 square meters. If you want to get there my advice is to start walking from Piața Unirii where to admire the gushing fountain and then explore the same-name street, Bulevardul Unirii, for experiencing a romantic walk in the cold Bucharest.

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Enjoy a Romanian traditional dish in the Old Town

Here comes the moment you need to sit at a table after a long day spent wandering around the city. Well, the Old Town in Bucharest is the ideal place where to eat in a nice restaurant: Caru’ cu Bere, Taverna Covaci, Hanu’ lui Manuc, Aubergine Restaurant are just some of the restaurants I totally recommend: well-maintained venues, kind personal and great Romanian dishes.

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Relax at the Village Museum

Romania is not only what you see in the capital, but if you don’t have much time to visit the whole country, the Muzeul National al Satului helps you to get an idea of how people live in the most rural areas in Romania. You will find yourself walking in an old village which kind of represents some genuine everyday life moments. Take this chance to get a break from the noises of the city.

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Stroll through Calea Victoriei

Here you will find the main historic attractions of the city, such as the Ateneul Român, Piața Revoluției, the University Library with the Charles I statue. Going through the streets you will also run into some shopping stores. Finish your long walk on Piața Victoriei.

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Photos Taken By Michele