I think you might have noticed I love to travel, especially if you follow me on Instagram and see what I publish almost every day. Of course there is a “behind the scenes” I have never mentioned to you, aka the booking organization. I have never booked a trip through travel agencies and when I did I gave up due to the exorbitant prices they propose. I totally prefer to book everything online and on my own. I think this is way funnier and more exciting because I can plan my trip depending on what’s best for me and start my new adventure with the right foot.

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Booking flights and bus trips: Skyscranner and Flixbus

My favorite website when it comes to find the perfect cheap flight is definitely Skyscranner. Usually I start by entering the airport closest to me as departure point and then I choose “everywhere” as final destination. After the results are shown, the most affordable cities are the ones that catch my eyes most of the time, especially if I have never been there.

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If I find the destination interesting and convenient, I go straight to the official website of the airline company in question and book the flight there. Ehi flight attendant, here’s my passport! Furthermore, if I want to get around the area I am going to visit and spend one or two days in the surroundings by bus, I mostly go to find something on the Flixbus website.

Hotel or bnb?

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Airbnb, Expedia, Booking, Hotels.com

After booking the flight and eventual local travel, it is now time to decide the accomodation. My choice always falls on a hotel or an Airbnb which is good value for money.

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Booking, Expedia and Hotels are great sites where to book the best stay, because they include a wide range of Bed & Breakfast, which they offer sometimes a cheaper price compared to the best known Airbnb, although I must stay my favorite place where to stay during a trip still remains Airbnb. I have been a Airbnb guest since 2016, reaching ten housing. Airbnb enables me to be in contact with the locals (the hosts) and to get advice on the city I am visiting!

Photos Taken By Michele