It’s time to show off the main accessory of this spring summer on our hair. I’m talking about the headband! This big ally is a help in those days when we want to give a different look to our style. It is literally a big allyΒ because maxi headbands are above all those which are becoming popular everywhere.

Wear Headband-5

Wear Headband-2

Wear Headband-7

Personally, I love wearing brightly colored headbands, such as the red one you see in the pictures: a red and white look, a color combo I love, to which I added a series of accessories designed specifically for making my outfit even more sensual: the accessories in question are my headband of course, a nice pair of maxi earrings (yes, maxi is beautiful!), my unmissable Ruby Woo by Mac and my red and black belt. Girls, never, ever underestimate the importance of accessories! I totally felt like Snow White in this outfit, but not the one you all know but more like a bitchy Snow White! When it comes to me, forget the idea headband = good girl look since, au contraire, I love wearing it with mini-skirts and low-cut tops that have nothing to do with a good girl look!

Wear Headband-3

Wear Headband-8

Wear Headband-1

Wear Headband-4

My advice is to pick the combination you want and to wear the headband by matching it with the outfit that makes you feel more confident, whether it’s a suit, a pair of jeans or a dizzying miniskirt, because a headband is always a good idea! And then no more black, it’s spring and flowers and maybe a love affair could blossom! Wear it in bright colors like orange, yellow or red, or with neon clothing which is very popular this season as well.

Wear Headband-6

Photos Taken By Michele