Spend your evenings with the right company: turn on your social life!

And right away, babes! Either you’ve just broken up with your boyfriend, you’re single or he and your old company are now far from you, getting up on the dance floor with your new group of friends is an opportunity to be seized. So talk, make friends and don’t be shy. You cannot afford to stay alone every weekend. Your flatmates can be your starting point and then extend your circle at school/university or at work. What matters is to wear a sexy minidress, a tight skirt or that outfit that makes you feel like a lioness every weekend… And if you’re hunting don’t forget a breathtaking lingerie!

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You can feel like eternal tourists in a big city!

You may not be the biggest fan of museums (I’m not), but there will always be a glimpse or something that you didn’t have the chance to visit. Well, this is the time. Give yourself a long walk without taking publish transports (your booty will thank you), and enjoy the streets in the centre and maybe a little shopping, that never gets old. And pay attention… If you run into a nice tourist, don’t let him get away, you could not see him anymore!

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Take care of yourselves!

And don’t forget these words! Schedule your weekly or monthly beauty routine on a calendar. As for me, I shave my legs every three days and I wax my arms and go to the salon to have a bikini wax every two weeks. Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh pedicure and manicure, as well as face masks and skin care kits. And if you still feel stressed, practice some yoga… Namaste, bitches!

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Get your bedroom decorated according to your personal taste

It’s the space where you will spend most of the time, so it’s important to furnish your room according to your needs, taste and comforts. Go to Ikea maybe on a day in which you can bother your gym-obsessed friend, in case you need help in carrying heavy stuff, and have fun buying furniture and decorations to achieve a cozy, welcoming bedroom where you can feel safe when you come back home.

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Get new hobbies and interests

How many times did you postpone the gym membership or the photography course registration? Well, if there is one thing you can benefit from living on your own is time, time which has to be managed. So spend your free time in a sport, an artistic activity, knitting, cooking or shopping. Indulge in weekly sessions where to get busy, getting on with it and taking an interest in things for which you never had time.

Photos Taken By Michele