Animal print has been officially confirmed as one of the trends that will stand out during the imminent 2019 spring and summer season! Well, I couldn’t be happier about it. After the cold season, in which I combined it with neutral, black and brown colors, now it is time to finally wear it with bright colors.

Animalier Outfit-13

Animalier Outfit-14

An example of a bright color? Hot pink, of course! And why settle for wearing just one animal if you can show off two-in-one? Look at my heeled sandals that recall both the zebra and the timeless leopard print and that, along with the pink color, make me feel a woman with superpowers. It is time to show our tootsies, after a nice pedicure of course, and in a very sexy pair of shoes that can only be given by the double animal print.

Animalier Outfit-10
Animalier Outfit-11

When you hear about tigers and snake you immediately think about how dangerous they are, right? Well, so let’s give ourselves a feisty, roaring and eccentric touch by recalling them on crop tops. Welcome queen of the savanna!

Animalier Outfit-9

Animalier Outfit-7


Animalier Outfit-8

But animal print does not save any item of clothing: skirts, trousers, dresses, bags, tops, shoes and every type of accessory. So be as imaginate as possible and create the right outfit for you, that makes you feel hot and seductive at the highest level!

Animalier Outfit-5

Animalier Outfit-4


Animalier Outfit-6

Animalier Outfit-1

Photos Taken By Michele