After being in Helsinki and Tallinn, our big travel was leading us to Russia. First stop Saint Petersburg: passport and visa at hand, we get on the bus that would bring us from the Estonian capital to the greater Russia. None of my friends had ever visited Russia and it wasn’t easy to find vlogs on Youtube that could give me and idea of this country. I was basically a blank paper on which Russia could write.

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We stay at the Irena Guest House, a small but comfy Airbnb, hosted by a very kind and helpful lady, a few feet away from Hermitage, Nevsky Avenue and the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral. A strategic position and that makes the days in the big Saint Petersburg more pleasant.

We see everything there is to visit during the six days spent in the city, and Russia starts to write on my blank paper since day one. The Hermitage Museum is simply amazing and walking among its chambers I can’t decide which one of them is the most beautiful. The same goes for the Kazan Cathedral, on the huge Nevsky Avenue, the unmissable view from above the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and the Church of the Savior on Blood that deserves a visit even if Russians can’t wait in line. The center of Saint Petersburg is a gem, from the Peter and Paul Fortress to the end of Nevsky Avenue, walking past all the bridges on the river channels upon which it’s a pleasure to stroll. Everything seems to recall a nineteenth-century location, which I decide to recall also on my dresses, that maybe have nothing of nineteenth-century for some people, but for me that I’m used to super mini dresses, they do. Red and white are the colors that I choose: the white more tight-fitting one to optimise my curves and the red one with a slit, deep as needed, suitable to make a bit of the Russian men’s masculinity disappear and knock them out for a moment!

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But Saint Petersburg is not the center of everything because two other wonders can be found not far from the city: the Peterhof Palace, which belongs to the seven wonders of Russia and it is world famous for its fountains, and the Catherine Palace, known for its dance halls and the Amber Room. Both are stunning places.

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We chill and relax on the city cruise during the last evening, and while the city flashes in front of my eyes, I start to think that Saint Petersburg had written part of my blank paper, inserting positive and negative aspects (I’ll tell you about these in the next post), but I was sure that that on which I was sailing was one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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Photos Taken By Michele