You might have noticed that my photo shoots on a trip have become vital, also because they are a pleasure to observe once I come back home, some memories that helps me revisit my just ended adventure and helps me tell the others about it.

Saal Digital-4

I’m very fond of pictures, I preserve them ever since digital photography exists, and the fact that I am so paranoid that they can get cancelled by changing my laptop led me to purchase a ton of hard drives during the last few years, or to rely on the methods of cloud in the most recent period.

Saal Digital-5

Saal Digital-6

I belong to this digital generation, in fact, I was a little skeptical when the photographic company Saal Digital asked me to print my shots on un sopporto of theirs, but the moment I saw the result delivered to me, I was amazed by the beauty of pictures, also increased by the excellent quality of the product sent by the company.

Saal Digital-2

Saal Digital-7

I decided to go with the photobook, because I think it’s the best way to report a trip. But there are a lot of different layouts to choose from, such as artworks, posters and so on. All you have to do is to download their software and use your imagination.

Saal Digital-3

I feel more comfortable now because what’s on paper is completely different, it depends on me and not on computerized means. The feeling of running through my memories by holding them in my hands, rather than observing them by a visual display is hard to describe, I can just only suggest you purchase it to test it on yourself.

Photos Taken By Michele
In Partnership With Saal Digital