Okay, I’ll admit it, it’s not like I’ve never wore tights. In fact, I used to put on even 50 denier tights to keep me from cold, but I always wanted to renounce them, since I didn’t like they are too much like leggings and since my closet was basically cut in half because not all the items succeed in being a good combination with tights. Moreover, I was tempted to not give in to bare legs because I was afraid that my outfit would look too skimpy and revealing and to be judged for something I’m not.

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But I changed my mind about two years ago: as soon as I landed in London, I realized that most girls were not wearing tights, despite the fact that the maximum temperature was five degrees. I admired the way they walked with an air of confidence, showing their heels and skirts around the city and the subway.


Here came the “turning point”: I started to put away all my tights and to comfortably go out without them once I came back from the British capital. First I bridged this gap by wearing high boots, but then I switched to heels and sandals, feeling happy to be in something that made me feel myself and confident. I started to not pay attention to those ignorant people that judge me for my clothes without knowing me. I don’t care about some prejudice that ruin the way we would like to live our life. Well, I want to live my life without tights. Bye bye ignorant preconceptions and wake up, it’s 2019!

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So now that I blew off steam, which are the benefits of bare legs? Fewer problems in terms of holes in stockings, of inconvenient moments, of saved money, that can be spent in a nice pair of heels instead, and an always on top leg shaving even in winter, so you won’t panic when you are in bed during those hot nights on New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day! Let the fuzzy teddy bear to only be his gift to you and not to be found on your legs! And most importantly, I can exploit all my wardrobe enough to not perceive the difference between summer and winter and any kind of heel and sandal doesn’t appear overshadowed by tights but live of its own, raising the level of my outfits.

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What about the cold? It wasn’t easy for me at first, everything outside my panties ended up in being frozen, but the happiness of being in the outfit I like has always repaid the cold, which I don’t feel anymore on my legs (they are used to anything by now!) but that I feel on my chest. Yes of course I love the patterns of some tights and sometimes I enjoy purchasing them, but what matters the most is that the rare occasion I wear them, I don’t do it for an important event, because I can’t stand the cold or because I am afraid to be judged, but simply because they are perfectly combined with the outfit I chose.

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