While I was on the Eckerö Line ship that would lead me and my boyfriend from Helsinki to Tallinn, I couldn’t wait to wear my two magical mini dresses I had bought for that occasion. But let me tell you something about this city. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and it faces onto the Baltic Sea just like Helsinki, here’s the reason why the two cities are linked by a dense network of ferryboats on which you can benefit from all the comforts and the best service during the two hours-long trip.

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Overall, Tallinn is a small, cheap and welcoming city. The warmth of Estonians helped us to give little weight to the low temperature which we were not accustomed to. This kind of hospitality came forward from the first evening spent in the Town Hall Square, where a guy put on one of the finest street shows I have ever attended. It was so nice to become a part of the city, I loved the way that guy entertained the audience and how people felt involved. This made feel part of a group, as a small group of new friends had just came out!

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We were staying in the Fat Margaret hostel, fitted with pool, sauna and a lot of shared areas, so ideal to meet new people. The hostel was located in a very central, perfect position to start walking in the heart of the Old Town. It has been a pleasure to walk through Pikk and Lai Street, to reach the walls that protected the city and the Saint Olav’s Church, to have a break in the Town Hall Square and then to walk right up the Toompea Hill, where the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, St. Mary’s Cathedral and breathtaking views on the city are wonderful to observe. But Tallinn is not just the Old Town: Tallinna Linnahal, the National Library of Estonia and the more distant Kadriorg Palace deserve a visit from the most passionates about soviet history.

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As I’ve already mentioned at the beginning of the post, I wore two magical mini dresses I had gotten Pretty Little Thing, that fitted faithfully. I loved the pattern of the first one, which was a pink high slit mini dress, whereas the orange of the second one was a great success among a group of Japanese tourists, that asked to take a picture with me! Both dresses were combined with a pair of sandals from Forever 21 and a straw hat from Shein.

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The experience in the small and cosy Tallinn ended on a bus that would take us to Russia for the next twelve days. I will remember this city for the kindness of its inhabitants, who always smiled and made you feel part of their activity; for its little green and orange glimpses; for the friendly guys at the reception desk of the hostel; for the sauna and the smell from the kitchen shared with other people who came from all over the world; and for the Japanese tourists who made me feel like a celebrity during a photoshoot (thank you Pretty Little Thing)! Tallinn is a beautiful city, made precious by amazing people who have rendered this experience awesome and unforgettable.

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Photos Taken By Michele