I know I probably go against the tide, but people, I love winter so much! Yes, cold is sometimes difficult to deal with for me that I am used to always dare with my outfits and to not wear tights. But for me there is nothing better, after a long study day, than devoting the evening to a chill-out moment while it’s freezing and maybe raining outside.

Among the things I love to do the most in winter evenings is watching a TV series, sipping a nice cup of hot chocolate in the meantime. My favorites? Sex and the City, considered by me as the Bible of the TV series and of which I never get tired! But also Riverdale, The Bold Type, Grey’s Anatomy, Insatiable… Just to name a few that belong to my list. Speaking of which, do you have any similar television series to those I listed to recommend? If you do, let me know in the comments!

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Taking care of myself is also something I particularly enjoy during winter evenings. Evening sometimes becomes the only time I get to do the manicure and/or pedicure, wax me, cuddle myself with a facial mask or scrub… In short, to turn my room into a small beauty salon!

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Travel is a part of me, so I spend my evening often finding that perfect flight ticket that allows me to make a few days’ escape in some European capital, or to organize my summer holidays far in advance. TripAdvisor, come hither!

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Last, but not least, one of my evening’s favorite activity is online shopping. Pretty Little Things, Miss Guided, Nasty Gal know something of it… Looking for a nice crop top, mini dress or mini skirt relaxes me, and I definitely go to bed happier knowing that I’ll have another item of clothing in my closet!

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Photos Taken By Michele