I really can’t stand long and large faux fur coats, so I was looking for a mini one since a very long time. I needed something which made my shape pop and which was not too bulky in the event that it ever got cold and if there was the need to carry it with my hands.

Pelliccia In Inverno-4

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Since I found it, I’m having a lot of fun creating outfits. My faux fur coat with its black color is able to fit together and to exalt all my clothing, making my outfit exclusive and safe from the cold. I wore my faux fur coat in combination with a pair of white heels, a snake printed crop top and a pair of denim jeans: the ideal outfit to wear everyday, with particular focus on a night out amongst friends or on a date with that friend of yours who asked you out!

It’s a b-side friendly faux four jacket, a little synthetic bunny to put on in a sexy way and to take anywhere. Enjoy it, ladies!

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Photos Taken By Michele