Girls, it’s finally that time of the year: the long-awaited time to wear high boots has come! The moment has arrived for us to feel an invincible Wonder Woman and to still resist the lack of tights. Yes, because bare legs and high boots are still a great team, right boys?

Boots In Winter-13

Boots In Winter-2

I have a lot of cuissardes in my shoe closet, and I think I will probably get others during winter sales such as a pair in snake print. I love them and I always enjoy creating outfits that are able to better bring them out. High boots give that sexy and seductive something to any combination. So today I want to give you some tips on how to wear them if maybe you want his eyes to be fixed on you!

Boots In Winter-14

Boots In Winter-7

First of all, let’s dispel the myth that white trousers are good only in spring and summer. I put them on with red boots, jacket, bag, top, lipstick and nails. An almost total red contrasted with white that is it perfectly highlighted.

Boots In Winter-10

Boots In Winter-12



Boots In Winter-8

Boots In Winter-9

Red is also the perfect pop to add to a total black outfit, like I did. I wore my pair of black high boots along with the same red top and bag as those of above and a red skirt. Accessories can make a difference: I gave a touch of glam and protected from the cold with my faux fur hair band I bought in Russia.

Boots In Winter-4

Boots In Winter-6

Boots In Winter-3



Boots In Winter-5

Boots In Winter-1

In collaboration with Banggood
Photos Taken By Michele