How beautiful is Christmas? Just think about trimming the tree, finding the perfect gift among the glittery shop windows, hot chocolates, Christmas lights… So what better way than realize a nice holidays-inspired makeup to fully enter the Christmas mood? Everyone know makeup is a way to express ourselves, therefore also to best express the magic we are feeling during this time of the year. Well, we can create a super and lazy Christmassy maquillage which will not slip through the cracks for sure while we are decorating the tree, walking around Christmas markets, ice skating, shopping for gifts or celebrating Christmas Eve!

Christmas make up-12

Christmas make up-14

Christmas make up-11

Christmas make up-13

I chose the Opulence palette by Zoeva as a reference point to realize my Christmassy make up. Its golden, reddish and green nuances give the eyes a super-magnetic and winter-friendly look that reminds me so so so much of the colors of a classic Christmas tree. I have used only three colors of this palette: Get You Glory, a beautiful bright red and Sense Of Movement, a magnificent shimmer gold. I then concluded picking up a touch of the mimetic green of Queen for a day, which I applied only in the lower part of the eye. Easy but impressive, isn’t it?

Christmas make up-15

Christmas make up-6

Christmas make up-5

Christmas make up-16


Christmas make up-2

Christmas make up-3

Christmas make up-1

As a big fan of the highlighter, could it be missing in a Christmas makeup? Of course not! This year I am finding a lot of them in my Make Up Revolution Advent Calendar, to make my cheekbones more shimmer like a Christmas bauble! And finally my precious red lipstick has never been so right for my lips. For a “Sexy Santa Klaus is coming to town” impact!

Christmas make up-9

Christmas make up-4


Christmas make up-7

Christmas make up-8

Photos Taken By Michele