After a train towards Rome and a night spent in the capital, the biggest trip abroad I have ever taken so far was about to begin: 3 cities, 4 different countries, 3 capitals… Helsinki, Tallinn, St. Petersburg and Moscow were waiting for me for 19 vacations days in August around Northern Europe and Russia.

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First stop on the journey was Helsinki, the capital of Finland. After we landed, me and my loyal partner in life and adventures headed to our hotel quickly. We eased up and then went out to discover the city. First we went to the Uspenski Cathedral and to Kauppatori, the Market Square, ideal place to taste some delicious fresh salmon. We kept walking towards the Senate Square and towards the most distant Temppeliaukio Church and Sibelius Monument and made a  pleasant pit stop in Kiasma contemporary art museum.

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We spent three days in Helsinki and I can guarantee that what makes this city so stunning are not its monuments, but the amazing mixture of green, like you are in a forest, and blue, like you are to the sea; I had the feeling of being to the sea and to the mountains at the same time! The air seems so clean and you can find calm and contact with nature everywhere, such as on the Vallisaari, Lonna and Suomenlinna islands or on the smaller Tervassari. Or maybe in one of the many parks in the city: Kaivopuisto, Sibelius Park or Espalanadi, a meeting place for the younger people. And then… don’t forget a lot of shopping to do among the city’s stores! I’m talking about Stockmann, my favorite mall, the Kamp Galleria or the City Center mall. In short, Helsinki is a young city, very active both in the day and at night. And days are sooo long in the summertime! It it still light at 9 pm and you can admire its spectacular sky’s colors both at dawn and sunset.

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And then I lived the city wearing this two mini dresses which was amazing! I felt perfectly harmonized with the city’s colors, white and blue, to not mention the fact that was impossible to go unnoticed! Those heels were absolutely gorgeous, of a color and model that I needed in my shoe closet, perfect to be combined with the two mini dresses I chose. How did I complete my outfit? With a pair of earrings of course, and with a straw hat in the daytime, the right accessory to look at a nice boy from underneath the hat!

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Dress Like Me

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At the end of my staying in Helsinki I came to the conclusion that this city had surprised me in a very positive way. Before I left I thought this was the least interesting city of the four, and instead, I found myself at the port where the ship that would take us to Tallinn was coming in, thinking about how Helsinki can be such an incredible city, a good fit for a person who is looking for a quiet, young, innovative, minimal-looking city, that makes you be in close contact with nature, also living out of simple walks through its green avenues bathed by the sea.

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Photos Taken By Michele