As women, we tend to panic during Christmas time: home decorating, finding the perfect gift for our family, boyfriend, friends or colleagues, keeping Santa’s secret from the kids… and the nightmare called “Panic Saturday”! I’m talking about the last Saturday before Christmas Day: shopping streets and malls overrun by last-minute buyers… And Christmas dinner or dinners, OMG! All right, but what if we start in advance and maybe get some help?

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Hey, hey, hey, Black Friday is near. Have a budget to stick to; write a list of people whom you want to give a present, writing the shop in which you can find it. Is the Black Friday gone? Cyber Monday is coming! Having all Christmas gift ready before December 8th is what matters. Don’t forget to make you wrap the presents so you won’t loose time searching for gift card and ribbons to do the job yourself… I hate to wrap presents, and I also buy a gift wrapped product when it is available on a website, on Amazon for example: it’s a lifesaver because I can devote more time to my beauty routine!

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Home decorating

Listen to me… Your boyfriend is very probably stronger and taller than you, so the boxes containing all the Christmas stuff are easier to carry for him, and the star on top of the tree is closer to him… So let him trim the tree! Watch a few videos such as those of “My Diy Home”, “Live Your Style”, “Blissful Bluegrass” and many others: pick the most suitable one and tell your man you want your tree exactly that way! Oh, maybe also say that you will go buy lingerie for New Year’s Eve while he decorates the Christmas tree… He will try harder!

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Take it easy

Girls, take it easy! Stroll the Christmas markets in your city, give yourself some time to spend with your family or boyfriend/husband, have a trip! There are a lot of cities that become enchanted over the Christmas period, such as London, that I had the chance to visit, Paris or a low-cost capital, Bucarest, like I’m going to do this year. Do you prefer a warmer weather and do you have an unlimited budget? Seychelles, Maldives and Thailand are waiting for you to wear your loved bikini! Let me give you a little advice, inevitable after the “bikini” word… We could go to the gym four times a week instead of three. Imagine all the dinner invitations during this period: we must keep fit!

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Have a great holiday!

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