It’s always hard to say goodbye to some hot clothes as my crop tops and summer shorts are. But this year I’m deciding to not make any changes at the time to makeover my closet for the autumn and, most of all, to not have to wait for the next summer to wear again my loved crop tops, shorts and so on.

crop top and sandals in autumn5994-6

Shorts in autumn

A girl in shorts and with no tights in autumn? OMG! But yes, it can be achieved. Your boy is going to adore you, and, in case you didn’t have one, well, just remind that loving yourself is always what matters most, so if you feel comfortable in going out bare-legged in shorts or mini skirt, just do it! A pair of heels, a cropped sweater and the cold goes by, but the satisfaction of feeling good about yourself doesn’t!

Shorts in autumn6094-11

Shorts in autumn6184-15

Shorts in autumn6113-13


Shorts in autumn6068-10

Shorts in autumn6143-14

My mind kept repeating: “Donatella, the main goal now is to save crop tops from the bad boxes”. If I can with shorts, it’s even easier when it comes to crop tops… right Emrata? Jeans, red crop top, cropped jacket and guess what? I recovered a pair of black sandals to complete the whole outfit. This outfit is more a daily one, but still very very stylish. And then let’s face it, the jacket has to go sooner or later!

crop top and sandals in autumn5967-5

crop top and sandals in autumn5930-4

crop top and sandals in autumn6009-8


crop top and sandals in autumn6007-7

crop top and sandals in autumn5911-3

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