Yes, autumn turns animalier this year! You can see it in every store window, catwalk, magazine and online shopping site. But it’s my favorite feline’s nuances that is literally EXPLODING like never before. I’ve always been a great lover of this print, since I’ve always found it an ever green piece to keep in my closet. But now I feel very satisfied to wear it with the knowledge it’s trending!


I try to avoid a total leopard look, but I like to add instead a pop of leopard to my outfit, especially if this latter is a total black or a brown/nude-tone. What comes next? A rock, bad and bossy girl look, which is really my thing.Β That’s why I stocked up on feline items!


First of all, it’s not proper autumn until I wear a cropped jacket or a pair of comfy ankle boots for the first time. Accessories can make a difference, so a leopard purse is absolutely mandatory!






Miniskirt (may it be blessed!) is a daily occurrence in my outfits, no matter what the season is. I therefore could not fail to have a leopard one.




Apparently defined as a too flashy and tawdry model, lo and behold, leopard is even able to give the outfit a bit of ELEGANCE. Don’t you believe me? Well, think of a nice leopard body worn with a pair of black trousers and high heels: it sure does clean up nice!