We are now in the middle of spring : flowers, longer days, first warm days, but above all…  Trench coats! What piece of clothing is better than a jacket that protects you from the last cold moments and is super versatile and fashion at the same time? The trench coat can be matched with any garment, whether it’s a pair of jeans, a skater skirt or dress, you’re never wrong! And please, say no to flat shoes and say yes to a nice pair of heels: trench coatsplus heels are nothing but a winning combination if your goal is to wear an elegant and classy outfit!


On the spring subject, I first of all propose an adorable pink trench coat, my absolutely favorite color. You surely don’t go unnoticed!


Pink is always able to give that refined touch that I personally love, and it makes a good impression on the trench coat.


And who says black is fine only in winter? Surprise everyone with a raven trench coat, maybe playing with the classic black and white.


You play it safe with a black trench coat because it adds that sexy impression that only this timeless color can give!


And I conclude by suggesting an alternative to the classic trench model, the short trench coat. This too is perfect for sunny days, and if you choose it in beige you will be able to combine it with any other shade you want to wear.