Paris has always been a symbol of elegance, both for the beauty present in every corner of the city, and for the style that its inhabitants communicate. They manage to create a refined and simple fashion envied by the whole world, with very little. You don’t need a full wardrobe, it’s the quality (not the quantity) that matters for a Parisian woman: a few but right accessories, not too big bags, heels or flats and light make-up, without ever doing without them.
So here are three ideas of perfect outfits that I created to feel like a real Parisian woman, always remembering that if you want to have a Parisian imprint the important thing is to go proud of what you wear, giving each piece a touch of class, making it unique thanks to confidence that you put in yourself!

Beret and nude dress



Nude is the ideal delicate color for Parisian women. I paid attention to recall the same color bag, shoes and necklace, creating a contrast with the burgundy of nails and beret, the French accessory par excellence. How to combine the two colors? Watch your makeup!

Blouse, pencil skirt and heels


Play on the classic black and white: black heels and purse, white and black checkered skirt and white blouse with black collar. These colors give that minimal chic touch in any context, without sacrificing femininity. The true style note? The red lipstick that Parisians always keep in their clutch bag!

Jeans, shirt and shawl



Blue is the main nuance in this outfit, another color loved by the Ville Lumière’s citizens. The shawl is combined with heels and beret, with the ponpon of the latter recalled by gloves. The bag is slightly lighter, but it does not matter, here’s an outfit that stands out among many by using two apparently taken for granted garments, jeans and shirt!