Girls, let’s face it, Urban Decay stands for quality and Naked 3 is the demonstration of a brand that gives the make-up that elegant touch! Do you want to know why to choose it?

Its colors, some matte and others shimmer, are rosy for the most part, so how could I not opt ​​for a palette in which my favorite color prevails? Pink is clear, very delicate and the colors Strange, Bust, Burnout, Limit and Buzz are perfect if combined with a bon ton style outfit that goes on the powder pink tones. Absolutely appropriate to be worn every day, or in those times when you do not want to weigh down your make-up but you prefer to give your eyes a finer touch.


Let’s not forget the fantastic Trick, a golden eye shadow. I love gold eyeshadows! And this is no exception, it is versatile with any outfit, but especially with those that recall beige, or light brown.


There is no lack of darker colors, but they don’t lose the delicacy that distinguishes this palette: I refer to Nooner, this goes on the rose but especially on the nude, and Liar, a brown shimmer. These two shades go great with clothing in duller colors. Finally, Factory, Mugshot, Darkside and Darkheart will create a sophisticated and romantic Smokey Eye if combined with the rosy colors I listed at the beginning: they can give a make-up worthy of a ceremony or more special occasions!


In conclusion, this is the one with the finest nuances among all Nakeds, but there are also the darker ones, and put together they allow you to create an elegant makeup but not heavy too much at the same time! I also find it particularly suitable for winter, because of its light and cold colors, but I will continue to use it in spring and summer, seasons in which pink is the undisputed protagonist!