Today I want to write about a trend that has been very popular in autumn’s collections since a few years, the cropped jacket! A true ally in the days of this period, to which I cannot renounce.


This particular type of jacket protects from the cold, adding a rock touch to our style but elegant at the same time if worn with a nice pair of heels!


These are the reasons why I wear it for college, for a day of shopping, but even for more important occasions.


This article of clothing is very versatile, suited for mid-seasons and can be easily combined with everything: jeans, skirts, dresses, heels, boots, everything you want!


It has become essential to me, so I bought it in different colors throughout time (and I am definitely going to add more of them!), both in pleather and in faux suede. And I recommend you have it at least one of them in your closet in the color that you find more appropriate to your style!